Samsung Galaxy A82 leaked images make it look like a Samsung S21 FE

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G
The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G's rear camera, which looks much like that of the leaked Samsung A82. (Image credit: TechRadar)

New leaked images and video purportedly show the Samsung Galaxy A82, but unlike its predecessor and contrary to rumors, there’s no innovative camera setup – simply a set of static, rear-facing shooters. 

In that sense, the Samsung A82 may end up resembling what we expect the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will look like with its triple-rear cameras in a vertical line. 

We got our first looks at the Samsung Galaxy A82 thanks to a series of new leaks, first in an unboxing video posted by SamMobile showing a phone called the Samsung Galaxy A Quantum 2 – a successor to the variant of the Galaxy A71, the Samsung Quantum, that launched in some regions last May.

From the video, the Quantum 2 looks designed similarly to the Samsung A52 and Samsung A72 announced in March, with the same raised camera block but even fewer lenses on the back – a trio, like the Samsung S21. This model comes in a white color and looks to have a slightly curved waterfall screen, volume rocker button and lock button the right, and USB-C port on the bottom (though no 3.5mm headphone jack). Reportedly, the A82’s box contained a 15W fast charger and cable.

Samsung Galaxy A82

(Image credit: Weibo)

Another pair of leaked images (above) appeared in a post on Chinese social media site Weibo showing off a phone the user claims is the Galaxy A82, which looks a lot like the Quantum 2 above – though in a dark gray color. Presumably, they’re the same phone, though it’s always possible that one is a slight variant of the other and they have differences in specs.

Galaxy A80 pop-up camera

The Samsung Galaxy A80's pop-up camera (Image credit: Future)

Samsung A82: where’s the fun camera?

From these images, it looks like the Samsung A82 will arrive with a very conventional (read: immobile) camera block. We expected the phone to pack a more innovative camera system, like its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy A80, which had a mechanism that flipped the rear cameras forward for selfie shots.

While some leaks suggested the A82 would have a simple punch-hole for its front-facing camera, others hyped up a more novel solutions like a vertical column that points out the back of the phone and swivels up to point forward for selfie shots. Alas, a punch-hole makes a lot more sense (and is surely cheaper to produce). Unless we hear different, we’d expect this solution in the final phone, but we could always be surprised. 

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