Samsung could launch a new wireless charger alongside the Galaxy S9


In the midst of all the rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S9, there comes a new leak shedding light on a new wireless charger that may come bundled with the phone.

The leak originates from a user manual of a wireless charger named EP-N5100. According the user manual, the charging pad will have dual charging coils, and will have fast charging support. The fast charging voltages include 9V/1.67A, 9V/2A, 12V/2.1A ratings. It is also said that the pad works on the Qi wireless charging standard.

It has a dual pin connector, which is said to use just one for charging. Also, it has a USB Type C port on the back to power it up, a fan behind that dissipates the heat generated while charging and an indicator light in front.

A new set of cases and covers are also leaked alongside the charger. The cases point towards a dual camera on the rear, which is has also been speculated earlier to this. 

Since we’ve been actively covering the leaks soon after the first one popped up. You can find them all here to know about everything else that we know about the Galaxy S9 so far. If you are too bored with the flooding rumours, wait till 25 February as the new Galaxy S debuts at Mobile World Congress 2018.