Running watch deal: save £56 off the super-tough Polar Grit X right now

Polar Grit X
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The Polar Grit X is down to £322 at Amazon right now. That's a saving of £56.90 off the regular price, and the cheapest we've ever seen this powerful running watch.

Ranking highly in our roundup of the best running watches, the Polar Grit X is packed with training tools for serious runners, cyclists and hikers – particularly those putting in long miles off road.

Not only does it offer accurate GPS tracking (which was particularly quick to establish a lock in our tests) and provide accurate heart rate monitoring, it also gives tailored feedback to improve your training based on the impact of your workouts, and suggests sessions to aid your recovery.

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Polar Grit X:£379£322.10 at Amazon

Polar Grit X: £379 £322.10 at Amazon
The Polar Grit X is one of the best running watches around, particularly if you're training for a long distance event. With smart workout tools and detailed feedback, it's designed to help you train smarter, and get the best results from your training sessions. This is the best deal we've ever seen for the Grit X, knocking £56.90 off the regular price, and applies to the green colourway only.

Sleep and recovery are essential parts of any training plan, and in our tests we found the Grit X's Nightly Recharge and Sleep Plus Stages functions (which use a combination of skin contact and optical heart rate monitoring) very useful for monitoring the quality of our sleep.

We also appreciated the FuelWise feature, which uses your past activity history and planned route to calculate how much water and carbs you'll need, and alert you when it's the optimum time to take them on board so you avoid 'hitting the wall'.

If you're a more casual runner then you'll be better served by a watch like the Polar Unite or Fitbit Charge 4, but for the serious sportsperson who wants to explore off the beaten track, the Grit X is hard to beat.

If you're not in the UK, here are the best Polar Grit X deals near you.

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