Respawn is teasing a new Apex Legends character – and it could be arriving soon

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

It seems like Respawn Entertainment has a lot planned for Apex Legends in the near future. 

We already know that the battle royale is about to get the ‘most fan-requested’ feature in the coming weeks, but it looks like a new Legend could be on the cards too according to a teaser tweet from Respawn Entertaiment's producer Tina Sanchez.

It's been rumored for a while that a new character is coming to Apex Legends and all signs have pointed to the Legend being a hacking specialist called Crypto. To date we haven't had much in the way of concrete details (or an actual confirmation) about Crypto, however Sanchez recently tweeted an image of herself in full motion capture gear, complete with a cane, alongside the message "working on Apex Legends stuff" (via Dot Esports).

Check out the tweet below:

The key indicator in this image is the cane, a defining feature we've seen in the leaked images of Crypto. What's more, Sanchez isn't exactly denying that the Legend is on the way.

When asked by a fan whether this work involves Crypto, Sanchez simply replied with the mouthless emoji, hinting that it is the cane-wielding Legend that the team is working on.

If that's the case then we could be seeing Crypto joining the roster sooner than we anticipated. While it seemed liked that he would be added to the game as part of the Season 3 Battle Pass in October, it may be that Crypto is the second hero Respawn teased will join the game as part of Season 2.

What do we know about Crypto?

Shortly after the release of Apex Legends in February, dataminers began to unearth potential Legends coming to the game - with Crypto among them (via Reddit). 

However, rumors that Crypto will be the next Legend to join Apex Legends began to arise back in June when his laptop appeared in King's Canyon, shortly before the introduction of Battle Charge. 

It looks likely that Crypto will be the next Legend added to the Apex Legends roster, bringing with him some special hacking abilities. We're not sure quite what these will involve, but we imagine it'll be similar to those of Overwatch's Sombra.

Repsawn Entertainment has not officially confirmed Crypto is on the way, or when we'll see him, but we think it's likely he will be landing in the coming weeks.

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