Apex Legends is about to get the ‘most fan-requested’ feature – but what could it be?

Apex Legends
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Apex Legends is about to get a major new feature, something which players have been most actively badgering for – although we don’t know what said introduction will be.

What we do know is this mysterious feature will come to the battle royale at some point in August, over the next few weeks and will be delivered with a big in-game event.

This comes straight from EA CEO Andrew Wilson, following the company’s recent boasting about the success of Apex Legends in its latest financial report, and how the battle royale was a major money-spinner alongside the likes of FIFA.

In a related earnings call, Wilson revealed: “The event coming in the next few weeks will bring new content and deliver one of the most fan-requested features since the launch of Apex.”

But what is it?

So, what could this “most fan-requested feature” possibly be? Naturally, there are a pile of theories about that being floated in discussions between Apex Legends addicts.

The two most common possibilities which crop up are cross-platform play, and solo or duo game modes (as opposed to the three-player squads the game currently uses).

We don’t see it being cross-platform, ourselves, and don’t really rank that as a massively requested feature, at least from our anecdotal experience of hanging about Apex-related forums.

However, introducing either solo or two-player squads is certainly something plenty of people have been going on about since the outset, and is a definite possibility.

That said, the game is just bedding in relatively speaking – having only been with us for half a year, with EA planning on the battle royale running for some 10 years into the future (another assertion made along with that financial report). So it could be a little early in the overall timeline to make such a radical change.

Plus, solo mode really does go against the squad-based fabric of Apex Legends, which is built around teamwork in a lot of respects (the superb ping system being an obvious example, and one of the game’s best innovations, much copied elsewhere).

That said, we wouldn’t bet against solo or duo modes, although we’ve a feeling it would be the latter rather than the former due to those team-related concerns.

Train, train, train…

Our best hunch, however, would be the introduction of a much more extensive training mode. This has certainly been one of the most-requested features we’ve seen, and it’s something we’d love to have ourselves.

It might consist of a better fleshed-out shooting gallery, with not just access to all guns, but all attachments so you could try out different combinations and see exactly how they affect the weapon in question. Being able to switch character from Lifeline would be a bonus, too.

Because as it stands, trying out different attachment load-outs is difficult, because you actually have to find the correct bits and pieces in a match, and of course you’re distracted from evaluating things with any real precision because, you know, you’re busy trying to win and stuff (hopefully – either that, or you mess about and drag your team down, which isn’t fair on them).

Some bots or more engaging targets, rather than the current static ones, wouldn’t go amiss, either. Here’s a theory: maybe the event could be some kind of PvE scrap in a new area, which then becomes the upgraded training ground going forward (with PvE bots to take pot-shots at).

We are, obviously, just guessing here. Other outside possibilities include a kill cam (to replay your death in all its glory, or lack of it), which data-mined leaks have pointed to in the past.

Or what about that survival mode, or recruit mode, as previously uncovered by similar data-mining endeavors? Extreme longshots, for sure, but we guess it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve been hit by an unfeasibly accurate sniper round out of the blue…

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