Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 to come with a 10nm chip, ARM’s DynamicIQ tech

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Qualcomm is reportedly gearing up to launch the Snapdragon 670 chipset built on a 10nm fab process. The next generation of Qualcomm’s mid-range processor is expected to launch in early 2018, just in time for the next wave of mid-range smartphone launches.

The Snapdragon 670 SoC is expected to come with an octa-core Kryo processor. However, unlike the Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 652/653 which came with 4 high power cores and 4 low power cores, the Snapdragon 670 is being said to come with slightly different cluster setup. According to rumors, there will be 2 high power Kryo 360 cores and 6 low power cores.

Will it continue to build on the success of the Snapdragon 65x series?

Qualcomm had delivered a good balance between performance and power efficiency with the Snapdragon 65x series, but if rumors are to be believed, then it looks like the Snapdragon 670 is going to deliver an increase in power efficiency. Its effects in terms of performance will also be interesting aspect to consider – at this point it’s not possible to say anything either way, considering that the Snapdragon 670 chipset is going to use third generation Kryo 360 cores. For context, the current flagship, Snapdragon 835, uses second generation Kryo cores.

Another interesting point to note is that this new chipset will come with ARM’s DynamicIQ technology. This new technology is present on the Cortex A75 and Cortex A55 cores, succeeding the older big.LITTLE architecture. Other rumors and reports have been suggesting that Kryo 360 as well as DynamicIQ will be present on the Snapdragon 845, Qualcomm’s next high-end chipset. With Snapdragon 845 expected to debut in early 2018 as well. This lends further credence to Snapdragon 670’s launch timeline rumors.

Snapdragon 670 spotted on Qualcomm’s website

Popular tipster @rquandt also recently revealed that the Snapdragon 670 is showing up on Qualcomm’s website. The chipset shows up with the name SDM670, so now we know that it is real.

Snapdragon 65x series has so far delivered a great balance between power and performance. It will be interesting to see if Qualcomm can further improve on it with the Snapdragon 670.