PUBG Mobile could be back in India within the week - here's how

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PUBG Mobile could be back in India as soon as Diwali, according to reports. PUBG Corp and the Krafton Game union have been putting in all efforts to bring the game back after the ban in India in the early weeks of September. 

PUBG Mobile was banned in the second wave of app bans in India which was prompted by the Chinese aggression at the border. And since then PUBG Corp has cut ties with Tencent Games which was the publisher.

What changed and why it could be back 

A report published  by AFK Gaming has hinted that PUBG Mobile could be back by Diwali. Additionally, another report via BusinessWire has claimed that Microsoft Azure server services will now be used to set up PUBG, given that India's ban of the mobile game was on grounds of data sharing by the then Chinese owners with their government in Beijing. 

Ocean Sharma who happens to be an esports commentator tweeted about “Microsoft Gaming”, hinting at the same. Of course, the tweet is too cryptic to be taken into account, but we believe it could well be a clear indicator of the way that PUBG is looking to make a return to its largest market. 

With the server issue resolved, it is likely that the game could be back. And to that effect streamers and content creators are hinting strongly at the same. Kronten and Ghatak, two professional streamers and PUBG Mobile players made a video hinting at the big news which could be announced as early as Thursday. 

When PUBG Mobile was banned ,a written statement issued by the Federal Ministry of Electronics and Information and Technology, stated that the apps were banned because they “are engaged in activities which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, the security of state and public order.”

Since then the Korean company has been attempting to bring the game back in India. To that effect it was looking for a partnership with potential Indian companies which would legitimize the game. According to rumors these companies included Reliance Jio, and then even Airtel.

The company even posted a new job listing on LinkedIn for the designation of ‘Corporate Development Division Manager – India’. This gave rise to even more hopes that the company has expansion plans for India and its primary product is PUBG. It needs to be noted that there is no explicit mention of PUBG Mobile, so it could revolve around the company's other projects.

A recent report from TechCrunch suggested that PUBG Corp may have engaged a global cloud service provider which has turned out to be Microsoft Azure, to store the data of Indian users within the country, which was the primary concern for the ban.

The anonymous source also apparently mentioned that PUBG Corp has assured high-profile gamers in the country that PUBG Mobile will be back before the end of the year. The company also apparently plans to run campaigns during the Diwali week.

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