PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update with Ledge Grab, explosive barrels & a new vehicle to roll out from October 16

(Image credit: PUBG Mobile (Twitter))

PUBG Mobile is gearing up to introduce a bunch of new features along with the BRDM-2 vehicle that will replace the armoured UAV in the battle royale game. These additions to the game are being made to improve the gameplay and also in part to keep the wave strong in the eye of a recently released competition, Call of Duty: Mobile.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update is set to be released on October 16. Let's take a look at the new changes PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 brings to the game.

New vehicle: BRDM-2 

(Image credit: PUBG Mobile (Twitter))

PUBG Mobile gets the BRDM-2 which is short for Boyevaya Razvedyvatelnaya Dozornaya Mashina. It is a Russian amphibious armoured vehicle which can be used both on land and water. The BRDM-2 will replace the armoured UAZ which could be called by firing a flare gun outside of the play zone.

On land, the BRDM-2 has a top speed of 105km/h while in water its 22km/hr. It has an accommodation space for four and doesn't come with any weapons attached.

It can withstand more damage than the armoured UAZ and the tires are bulletproof as well.

Reach new spots with Ledge grab

(Image credit: PUBG Mobile (Twitter))

It was added to the PC version of the battle royale game recently and enables a player to climb ledges mid-air. The Ledge grab mechanics will allow them access to newer vantage points and also help to hop from buildings in the case of a shootout. 

Barrels now explode

(Image credit: PUBG Mobile (Twitter))

The fuel gas barrels in the game will now explode upon taking damage from bullets or other explosives, dealing a decent amount of damage to nearby players. These gas barrels can now be used to trick enemy players in the game with the new added property which is sure to add an excitement for players who play PUBG Mobile strategically.

Siddharth Chauhan
Siddharth Chauhan is the Consumer Technology Reporter at Digit India. He used to work as an Assistant Editor at TechRadar India