PS5 pre-orders could be one per customer, based on this discovery

PS5 Digital Edition price pre-order
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The page source for PlayStation's official retail site in the US mentions that PS5 orders could be limited to one per customer. As noted on Reddit, you can head to this page on Sony's Direct retail site, click 'View page source' in your browser, search for PS5 and you'll see the following message:

"You can only purchase one version of the PS5™ Console: Disc or Digital. You have already added one PS5™ console to your cart". 

Now, since this message isn't listed on the actual page as it stands, it may just be a placeholder message on PlayStation's Direct website. The very specific wording, though, suggests a one-per-customer rule on ordering the console is planned, no matter which version you want.

Still, this rule wouldn't be that big a deal: PlayStation's Direct store is just one retailer, and there's nothing to stop you grabbing a PS5 pre-order elsewhere when the time comes. 

If you were hoping to pre-order two consoles at launch, though – say for two outrageously lucky children who don't get along – it might be harder than simply adding two consoles to your cart. 

It's interesting, too, that this message is relatively easy to find, despite Sony setting no date on when the PS5 will actually be available for pre-order. It's possible this information, along with the PS5 price, will be revealed as part of a rumored August State of Play event. 

This 'rule' wouldn't be a big surprise

Demand for the PS5 is likely to be incredibly high, so this sort of rule only levels the playing field for customers who want to get hold of the console. It should hopefully keep scalpers at bay, too. This year's Nintendo Switch shortage has led to inflated secondary market prices, with some third-party sellers mercilessly cashing in on demand for the console during lockdown.

Hopefully this'll make it easier to find the console in the run up to the end of the year. The PS5's release window is currently set as 'Holiday 2020'. 

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