Prime Gaming March 2021: free loot for FIFA 21, Apex Legends and Fall Guys

Prime Gaming
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Prime Gaming is springing into March with a host of great content for Prime members, including free loot for FIFA 21 and exclusive free content for Fall Guys, Apex Legends and League Legends, plus the arrival of four new PC games in the Prime Gaming library.

So what gaming goodies can Prime members grab this month? Fall Guys players can pick up the exclusive MVP Bundle, which includes the sporty MVP outfit (a blue version of the Rookie costume) and three crowns. You can claim this bundle here - but it's only until March 16.

Prefer to play sporty than look sporty? Then you will want to grab this month's FIFA 21 Prime Gaming Pack #3, which will include one 81+ OVR Player Pick item and four Rare Gold Player items. This pack isn't available until March 22 (and will be available for a limited time) but, if you haven't already, you can grab the FIFA 21 Prime Gaming Pack #2 which is still available and includes the same items. You can claim both here, but the second pack will be unavailable when the third comes into play.

But it's not just FIFA 21 and Fall Guys players who are benefiting in March. Apex Legends players will also be able to claim an exclusive skin for Octane from March 10 – which will be available until around the end of the month. If you haven't already then make sure to pick up the exclusive Mayhem skin for Fuse (which you can see below) which is currently available, but only until March 10 when the Octane skins become available. You can claim your Apex Legends Prime content here.

Make sure to check out the other Prime content on offer over at its official website, as there's content for League of Legends, GTA Online, Red Dead Online and more on offer.

In addition to this free content, four new free PC games are also being added to the Prime Gaming library from March 1: Bomber Crew Deluxe, Blasphemous, SkyDrift, Boomerang Fu and Tengami. These games are free to download and play for Prime members. But if they're not to your liking then you can check our the 30+ other games on offer in the library.

Make the most of Prime

Apex Legends

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Prime Gaming (formerly known as Twitch Prime) offers Amazon Prime members access to a free Twitch channel subscription, exclusive in-game content, and free PC games every month. 

And you don't even have to be a PC player to take advantage of these offers, as many extend to console too (like the Apex Legends and Fall Guys offers).

If you're a Prime member already then it's definitely worth making use of the benefits that come with Prime Gaming. If you're not a member yet then, in order to access everything that Prime Gaming has to offer, simply click on the sign-up link below to start your 30-day free trial. 

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