Pre-order The Division 2 on PC and get a free game from Ubisoft

The Division 2
Image Credit: Ubisoft

If you were thinking of buying Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, then Ubisoft has an offer that might just sway you off the fence to commit early: if you pre-order, you can pick a free PC game.

Stump up the dough in advance, and you get the choice of either Far Cry Primal, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, or Watch Dogs 2 as a freebie (though you won’t get your free game until The Division 2 comes out on March 15).

If this seems rather generous, there is a potential reason lurking in the background here, as some of you may recall – namely that Ubisoft isn’t offering The Division 2 on Steam, instead only selling the shooter through its own Uplay service or the Epic Games store (the same is expected to be true with some future Ubisoft titles, too).

So those are your only two choices for purchasing digitally on the PC, and this could be seen as a sweetener for those who are up in arms over the lack of Steam availability.

Epic loot

Epic is currently trying to take on Steam by offering free games (like Edith Finch) and securing high-profile exclusives, another of the latter being Metro Exodus which is out today (you can check out our full review that title here).

It’s also worth bearing in mind that if you’re particularly keen to get stuck into The Division 2, remember that if you pre-order the gold or ultimate editions of the game, you get early access enabling you to play up to three days before those who buy the standard variant.

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