iRiver Story ebook reader gets WiFi update

iRiver, now comes with WiFi
iRiver, now comes with WiFi

iRiver has announced a WiFi update to its Story ebook reader.

The Linux-based device now supports WiFi (802.11b/g), which allows the Story to connect to and download ebooks from the WHSmith online book store.

The Story – its full name is WiFi Story EB03 – retains its stylish white looks and ultra-thin design. Measuring just 10mm thick, it's smaller than any paperback, yet can hold thousands of books on its 2GB internal memory – expandable to 32GB via an SDHC card slot.

Other than WiFi, the Story remains unchanged with a 600x800 resolution 6-inch screen using 16 levels of grey, as well as a speaker and headphone port for MP3 playback and microphone for recording voice memos.

File formats

The Story offers a comprehensive list of compatible file formats, including EPub, PDF, TXT, FB2 and DJVU; as well as support for Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents.

As with all e-ink screens and their lack of a backlight, the Story offers impressive battery life, offering up to 9,000 page turns per charge.

The WiFi Story EB03 will be sold at WHSmith stores, as well as other leading retailers, with a UK release date of 'soon'.

Pricing for the WiFi Story is £250. In the wake of a recent price cut to $189 for the Amazon Kindle, and its 3G connection, the Story could well struggle to match the Kindle's market share.

Update - the Wi-Fi Story is now priced at £199.

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