New 6-inch Sony Reader announced

New 6 inch Sony Reader announced
Sony Reader Wi-Fi

Sony has unveiled a 6-inch eReader – with the Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1 bringing an enhanced touchscreen and, for Harry Potter fans, a Pottermore special edition.

The Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1 weighs in at just 168 grams and is 8.9mm thick.

It also brings a one month battery life, is available in three colours (black, white and red) and will allow borrowing from local libraries.

You can check out video of all the best Sony products on show at IFA below:

"Enjoying your favourite book is even more of a pleasure with the advanced Dual Touchscreen. E InkPearl electronic paper displays a clear, glare-free, high contrast image that's easy to read for hours, even in direct sunlight," explains Sony.


"Touch the screen to choose a book. Swipe a finger to turn the page, or zoom in and out by pinching your fingers together or apart. Tap on a word and hold to find its meaning from two built-in English language dictionaries," it adds.

"Words can also be translated to and from English using ten built-in translation dictionaries. You can even write notes on the page or highlight text with a finger or the supplied stylus – just like a real book."


Another USP for the Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1 is the Harry Potter tie-up, which will see buyers get a voucher that will allow readers to download the first book from Pottermore.

"Sony's first offer in its collaboration with J.K. Rowling's eagerly anticipated Pottermore website ( is a specially-created limited edition of Reader Wi-Fi (PRS-T1) which includes a voucher that enables Harry Potter fans to download the first Harry Potter eBook title, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, from Pottermore.

"Pottermore, a unique website which builds an exciting and immersive online experience around the Harry Potter books and is the exclusive retailer of the Harry Potter digital eBooks, is partnered by Sony."

The Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1 UK release date is October 2011.

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