10 gadgets to help you get a better night's sleep

6.The Dreamhelmet

No, this is not something out of a Wim Wenders' Sci Fi epic. The Dreamhelmet has been designed specifically for sleep-deprived business travellers and for long-distance drivers as a short-term fix to a major problem on the roads. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates there are 100,000 sleep-related crashes per year in the USA and that an estimated 32 million Americans actually fell asleep behind the wheel over the last year.


You might look insane, but the Dreamhelmet is a godsend for truckers and travellers

This combination sleep-mask and sound blocking pillow is a patented sensory deprivation device and, while it may look rather bizarre, if it can help prevent accidents due to lorry drivers dozing off at the wheel, we are all for it. The Dreamhelmet even has two secret 'HiPockets' to hide car keys, credit cards, money, or matches.

It will set you back $30 (a shade over £18) plus shipping costs from the US. For more check out the website at Dreamhelmet.com

7.Oregon Scientific i.Wakeup Sunrise Clock

Controlling the ambient lighting in your bedroom is essential to waking up well. Instead of the blaring blast of the traditional alarm clock, the Oregon Scientific i.Wakeup Sunrise Clock attempts to simulates the dawn in your room, using light to help you wake up in a natural and slightly more gradual way.

Oregon clock

Oregon's latest glowing i.Wakeup Sunrise alarm clock

The device will start to increase its illumination half an hour before your designated wake up time. It also offers five5 different built-in nature sounds, or a bog-standard FM radio. The i.Wakeup Sunrise Alarm is launching in February 2010 at a cost of $130 (£79.60).

8.The Philips Wake-Up Light range

From £50 upwards, Philips' Wake-Up range offers what is perhaps the most cost-effective solution to the problem of how best to ease yourself into the day, featuring a soft, gently glowing light and soothing bird noise or wind chime sound effects to raise you from your sleep.


Philips adds an iPod and iPhone dock to its popular Wake-Up Light alarm clock range

As the lamp gets brighter (and the birds sing louder) you slowly slip back into daytime consciousness. More recently, Philips is launching a Wake-Up Light with Dock for iPod that lets you rise to not only soft light, but your favourite tunes.

The Philips Wake-Up with iPod and Dock retails for $200 (£122) in the US with Philips UK sending over details on release plans and UK costs shortly.

9.The Apnex System – banish snoring for ever!

The Apnex System is a new tech that is still under development in medical labs. It is designed to help problem snorers (and their spouses) solve their sleep apnea problems once and for all.

However, this is no mere magic bedside gadget. It is a tiny box about the size of a matchbox that is implanted in the chest that stimulates the muscles responsible for keeping the airways open during sleep.

The apnex

Apnex is developing new tech to help snorers (and their partners) sleep again

Chronic sleep apnea affects three million Britons, so this latest medical tech could well improve the health of the nation no end when it hits the market sometime soon. For more info on how this new sleep tech works you can check out Apnex Medical's website.

10.The Dreamate Sleep Inducer

If you don't mind the idea of acupressure gadgets (too much!) then the Dreamate Sleep Inducer, an, might be the key to getting off to the land of nod.


Pop on the Dreamate and head to the land of nod...

Dreamate uses accupressure to gently massage what the company refers to as the "sleeping golden triangle" on the left wrist. Pop it on half an hour before bedtime and start to learn how to train your body to relax and sleep.

Dreamate claims that its device calms the body, lowers stress levels, and induces sleep. Beats getting addicted to sleeping pills! The Dreamate is available on Amazon.co.uk for £42.50


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