Users reporting new iPod touch shipment confirmation

iPod touch
Shipping soon

Customers who pre-ordered the 5th generation iPod touch are beginning to see signs that their devices might ship soon, according to reports.

A number of users on the MacRumor forums noted that they received notifications that their order is "preparing for shipment."

Another user claimed that their credit card has been charged for the pre-order payment, a step which only happens once an item is ready to ship.

Apple's listing for the new iPod touch in the U.S. still offers the nebulous "October" shipping date for the device.

Meanwhile, Australia has seen some movement with the Apple online store shipping date changed to read "three weeks."

Japan may see the new iPod touch first though, as the Macotakara blog is reporting a concrete release date of Oct. 9.

A slim harvest

While Apple announced the new iPod touch, along with a redesigned iPod nano, on the same day as the iPhone 5, tracking down an arrival date for the music players proved more than difficult for customers.

Even with the iPhone 5 official launched Sept 21., many users are still experiencing delays as shipments slipped by three to four weeks.

That trend is not expected to let up anytime soon with Apple's newest devices. Suppliers are reportedly already frustrated with the much-rumored iPad Mini's low yield, which will lead to even more retail shortages and shipment delays.

However, some customers are being rewarded for their patience, as they are finally receiving shipment notifications from Apple.

That brief solace doesn't make the extra three week wait any shorter, though.

Via MacRumors, Macotakara