iPhone gaming control pad

iPhone Control Pad currently in development - but will it work?

The canny gaming hardware developers over at iControlPad have posted a bunch of new pictures and some details about their latest gaming control pad add-on in development for Apple’s iPhone.

iControlPad is aiming to provide iPhone users with a sub-$30 control pad – essentially turning your iPhone into something resembling a cross between a Sony PSP and a (motion-controlled) Nintendo DS.

You can see the latest iControlPad prototype right here. The only difference with the plans for the final production model, is that the colour is set to be glossy and smooth (not the cheap-looking, black matt of the prototype).


The iControl Pad features the standard digital d-pad (directional pad), four face buttons, two shoulder buttons and the requisite start and select buttons.

It will be interesting to see if iPhone game developers (as well as consumers) pick up on this intriguing mobile gaming peripheral. For more pics and info head over to icontrolpad.com