Popcorn Time gets new competition


If you love watching global shows along with the US, then you might have heard about the online streaming app Popcorn Time. If not then we would like to inform you that it is an online streaming app that looks and acts like Netflix but uses torrent links instead of hosted videos.

However, the story of the app has been a tricky one to follow. It's  been shut down and reborn again more times than you can count thanks to  the software being open-source. The last news report that we had heard  about this app was the recent seizure of its main site - popcorntime.io -  by the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) and even despite  the same the makers of the app announced their decision to offer  browser-based experience called Popcorn Time Online.

While we would have thought the hardships and legal cases faced by  Popcorn Time may have deterred other apps to venture into the domain but  that does not seem to be the case so. The latest kid on the block is ShowBox App. Of course the app cannot be downloaded from the Google Play. You can   sideload the apk and make it work on Show Box App Android smartphone and tablets and  also some Blackberry 10 devices that offer support side-loading Android  apps and Kindle Fire.

There is also a PC version for this app for the ones who like to watch their shows and movies on laptop. Just  like Popcorn Time, this app also lets you to play and stream more video  formats than was possible on the app. However we are not sure it offers  the ability to stream the content directly to Chromecast, Airplay and DLNA.

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