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Pokémon Go Snapshot is now live for Android users

Image credit: Niantic Inc

Pokémon Go's anticipated AR photography feature, is finally live...but only for Android users.

Pokémon Go Snapshot allows you to take pictures of Pokémon in real world environments, using augmented reality technology. 

To use the new feature, you just need to select a Pokémon from your collection and then scan your real-world surroundings. Then, you can pose your Pokémon and share the resulting snapshot with your friends.

Your Pokémon will even be scaled in proportion to your surroundings, so don't expect to see photos of enormous Pikachus scaling buildings or tiny Growlithes roaming the streets – not in this reality, anyway. 

Stay tuned

Not everyone will have access to Go Snapshot though; you'll need to be a level 5 player before you can access the new feature, and as we mentioned earlier, it looks like it's currently only available on Android devices.

Developer Niantic hasn't confirmed when Go Snapshot will be coming to iOS users, but said in a tweet that "trainers on other devices" should "stay tuned."