PlayStation 5 is the first console to integrate Apple Music

Apple Music has launched on the Sony PlayStation 5 console
(Image credit: Sony / Apple)

Following a rumor of its release a few weeks ago, Sony has today announced that its PlayStation 5 console will be the first to offer an "integrated Apple Music experience", allowing subscribers of its service to stream its audio and video libraries to the popular gaming system.

The announcement comes via an official PlayStation blog post from Sony, revealing that the service is available from today. To enable this functionality, PS5 owners can simply download the Apple Music app on their console and then follow the prompts to link their account.

Blast away

The operation is (funnily enough) much the same as Spotify, which was available to stream on the Sony console at launch – the PS5 Media Remote even has a dedicated button for the service. 

Users can access the Apple Music app from their PS5 home screen and play content directly or, alternatively, press the PS button on the DualSense controller while in a game and navigate to the Control Center and then the Music function card.

According to the post, this method will work with both music and music videos. You can watch the latter full-screen in 4K or, when you want, switch back to your gameplay or other activity and the audio from the video will continue playing.

The integration even includes recommendations from the streaming service on the best music to match the game that's currently being played.

The usefulness of a console being able to stream music directly isn't limited to those wanting to incorporate it into their gaming – for many, this means that they won't need to connect an extra device to their home cinema speaker setup in order to play music or watch music videos.

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