Pixelbook Go – the best Chromebook ever made – is now on sale in the UK

(Image credit: Future)

If you’ve been waiting for Google’s Pixelbook Go to be released in the UK, then that wait is finally over, with the much-praised Chromebook now available direct from the Google Store.

Other retail outlets will also be selling the device (John Lewis is one of those already offering the laptop) which is priced starting at £629 for the base model with a Core m3 processor, 8GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. That’s pretty much a direct conversion from the asking price of $649 in the US – which is sadly often the case these days.

The Core i5 model with the same amount of memory but 128GB of storage is priced at £829, and the next model up doubles the RAM to 16GB (but keeps the same sized SSD) and retails at £949.

The top-end Pixelbook Go ups the ante to a Core i7 CPU and provides a 256GB SSD, as well as a 4K display, but costs a wallet-worrying £1,329. As we pointed out in our review, the higher-end models are where Google rather falls down, as these asking prices kind of defeat the point of this being a more affordable Pixelbook.

Ultimate Chromebook

The entry-level version, however, is a superb Chromebook without a doubt. So much so that upon its initial release in the US, the Pixelbook Go immediately stormed straight in as the number one pick in our best Chromebook roundup (and indeed made the cut as one of the best laptops out there full-stop).

It really is that good, and so doubtless a lot of folks this side of the pond have been waiting for the Chromebook to arrive, and will be very pleased to see they can now pull the trigger on a purchase.

The device was first launched in October 2019 in the US, so has taken a few months to make its way to the UK – although we’ve certainly seen longer delays when it comes to new hardware crossing the Atlantic (we’re looking at you in particular, Microsoft, and various Surface devices down the years).

At the moment, the Pixelbook Go is only available in black, although the ‘not pink’ colour (it is pink) will be available later this year, Google tells us.

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