Pixel 4 screen protectors highlight the possible design of the phone

The Google Pixel 3 XL. Image credit: TechRadar

We’re still months away from the likely launch of the Google Pixel 4, but you can already pre-order screen protectors for it, and the listing for them reveals a lot of possible design details.

Sold by Skinomi, the screen protectors are shown with a cut-out for a dual-lens punch-hole camera in the top right corner of the screen. They also have gaps for stereo speakers above and below the display.

The listing also includes a picture of the Google Pixel 4 itself, showing an almost all-screen front, with virtually no bezel at the top and just a slight bit of bezel below the screen.

This could be an early look at the Pixel 4. Image credit: Skinomi

This could be an early look at the Pixel 4. Image credit: Skinomi (Image credit: Skinomi)

This is all broadly in line with what we’ve heard rumored before – albeit for the Pixel 4 XL rather than the standard Pixel 4 – but the image also shows a power button on the right edge, which goes against an earlier claim that the Google Pixel 4 wouldn’t have any physical buttons.

That’s a claim we were always skeptical about, so this design could be accurate, especially as accessory makers often do have access to the design of a phone before its launch.

Having said that, this is a long time before launch and for now all you can do is pre-order – the screen protectors aren’t set to ship until November 20, which is around a month later than we’re expecting the Pixel 4 range to land.

So there’s a very high chance that this is simply a placeholder image and that Skinomi hasn’t actually made any Pixel 4 screen protectors yet.

As such, we’d take this with a huge side of salt, but we’d expect to hear plenty more Google Pixel 4 rumors as we get closer to launch, so we should soon start to get a clear picture of the phone's design.

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