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GoPro camera close-up
What has GoPro got in store?

Trying to keep brand new products under wraps would be a lot easier if it wasn't for those pesky local webmasters clicking publish at the wrong times - and it seems that the Italian GoPro website might have given us a premature look at the company's upcoming drone, as well as the Hero 5 action camera.

GoPro enthusiast and Android coder Konrad Iturbe (@konrad_it) spotted a new pop-up window on the Italian GoPro page that listed a drone, a new camera and a stabilisation device. It's a pretty small image, so you need to squint to see it, and apparently it appeared on other European websites too.

The images in the floating window have now been replaced with the older versions so it does seem that someone pulled the trigger too early and we are looking at a few new GoPro products. Still, the company probably won't mind the extra publicity.

Droning on

GoPro leak

GoPro has arranged a press event for 19 September to show off its new Karma drone, which we've known about for a long time. We've also heard speculation that a new Hero 5 camera is on the cards too, which this leak backs up.

The stabilisation device is new, and presumably allows you to get some rock-steady footage while you're moving around doing all sorts of extreme sports. We've also seen plenty of good-looking footage from the Karma drone released by GoPro itself.

It looks like we've got a lot to look forward to when the 19th rolls around - as soon as GoPro has something official to say, we'll pass it on.

Take a look at Parrot's Disco fixed-wing drone:

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