TechRadar Tip Off: $100 off a Ricoh GR pocket-size compact digital camera

Ricoh GR
Pocket-size perfection

Shopping around for a good camera?

How 'bout one with the price knocked off by a hundred dollar instant rebate?

If that perked your ears up, then the Tip Off proudly presents: the Ricoh GR, a fantastic compact digital camera chock full of perfection for only $696.95.

A snippet from our review states: "the Ricoh GR camera produces very high quality images that are full with sharp detail at the lower sensitivity settings and have manageable, fine-textured noise at the higher settings."

Definitely for the photography enthusiasts

Ricoh GR

The Ricoh GR gives you full reign over exposure (as well as automatic and semi-automatic control) and images may be saved as raw or JPEG files - or both simultaneously.

Other features to note:

  • 16.2MP
  • Full 1080p h.264 HD Video Recording
  • 3.0" Transparent LCD
  • USB
  • HDMI

Plus you get a free 32GB Lexar SD card, which has a $24.95 value. Well, what are you waiting for? It's simple to use, great for traveling and will give you spectacular photos.