Nikon set to launch vintage-inspired camera in rare video tease

Nikon shows a teaser video
Could the FM2 be the inspiration for Nikon's next digital camera?

In a break from its normally tight-lipped attitude to future launches, Nikon has posted a link to a series of videos on its website that indicate that an old-school camera is on the way.

Over the last few days we've been treated to a gradual reveal.

At first no camera was visible, but the sound of a dial clicking, the words 'it's in my hands again' along with a tag of 'Pure Photography' suggested that the company might be about to launch a traditionally styled, full-frame digital camera, possibly based on the popular FM2.

In the latest video however, we get to see a bit more of what is universally believed to be called the Nikon Df. It looks like a digital SLR built along the lines of the FM2, complete with a shutter speed dial.

As video #5 ends with the tag 'Savour photography all over again 5 November, 2013' we can anticipate a big reveal early next week, probably at 11pm CST (5am GMT) if Nikon follows its usual pattern.

Rumours are rife that the Nikon Df could be a full-frame SLR, or possibly a mirrorless camera, with an electronic viewfinder set to rival the recently announced Sony Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R.

However, the latest video appears to an SLR complete with a pentaprism-bump indicating an optical viewfinder. Nikon has previously stated its commitment to optical viewfinders.

Hipster pleasing

Either way, the videos clearly shows a photographer looking through a viewfinder. He also appears to be setting the AF via navigation controls on the back of the camera and selecting shutter speed with the earlier dial mentioned earlier.

Following the trend of recent Nikon announcements we expect the sensor to have 24 or 36MP.

Watch this space.