'Fleximus' digi camera shoots round corners

Fleximus: shoots from angles you previously couldn't shoot from

Art Lebedev's Fleximus Camera features a flexible tube fitted with a lens on one end, allowing users to shoot pictures from pretty much any angle they choose.

The other end of the device is hooked up to a compact viewfinder or 3-inch colour display.

The flexi-cam is only at the concept stage right now, but the idea behind the design is that it lets you capture both pics and video from 'angles never imaginable before'.

Angles previously unimaginable

"Fleximus is a photo and video camera," Lebedev's website reads. "It is designed to have as few controllers as possible. The flexible tube allows a photographer to shoot at angles never imaginable before."

Lebedev is best known for his customisable Optimus Maximus keyboards, which feature small OLED screens beneath the surface of each key.

Via: Art Lebedev