Sky News app for iPad unveiled

Sky News app for iPad - stunning
Sky News app for iPad - stunning

The Sky News iPad app has been unveiled – an innovative and fresh application that focuses on a handful of key stories and is mainly focused around live video.

Positioned cleverly as a cool and slick app for a device that ticks the same boxes, Sky has decided that its latest offering should only work when the user is online, and that it will become a paid-for application later in the year for non-Sky customers.

The Sky News app for iPad is completely different from the already-popular iPhone app, and is built around hubs of visual and video content, alongside graphs and text reports.

John Ryley, Head of Sky News, commented: "We pride ourselves on being an innovative, brave and mould-breaking news service, and work hard to give our audiences access to news on their terms.

Next logical platform

"Having delivered content across digital, online and mobile, iPad was the next logical platform on which to break new ground.

"With more and more of our viewers embracing mobile devices to stay connected to the news, the launch of Sky News for iPad is one of the most important developments in Sky News' history."

The decision to focus on rich content on only key stories was taken, according to Ryley, because Sky News wanted to focus on its key strengths.

When asked about the lack of sports and weather content, Ryley pointed out that other apps were available for these things, although it seems likely that the content range will broaden in the fullness of time.

Patrick Goss

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