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Windows Phone 7 Series will run on HTC HD2

Windows Phone 7 - look, it works on older phones!
Windows Phone 7 - look, it works on older phones!

The confusion over whether Windows Phone 7 Series will be coming to older phones continues to rage as the HTC HD2 was shown running the OS.

Admittedly it was a hacked version of the operating system running on the device, with HTCPedia forum member Tom Codon behind the port.

But, apart from a slight amount of lag in certain operations thanks to some incompatibility issues with the graphics processor (which will apparently be resolved) the phone performs well.

Present and correct

The GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth all perform correctly, which can often be a problem when shoving a new OS on a phone, and the web browser looks fine in early pictures.

The problem Microsoft is claiming that the OS can't be ported backwards, as it doesn't have the correct hardware specifications that future devices will be running to.

And despite this new hack clearly showing that it can work fine on legacy phones, we doubt Microsoft will be changing its tune any day soon.

If you don't believe it could ever be true, check out the video to see it in action.

From HTCPedia via BGR