White iPhone 4 to surface in March?

Never has there been this much excitement over a phone colour variant.

The long, tedious wait for the white iPhone 4 could be over in March, if sources talking to Pocket-Lint are to be believed.

The tech site reports that a source confirmed that small print on Apple Store signage stating that the handset would be available in Spring 2011 is correct.

If true, this could mean we'll see the glistening white handset hit the shelves any time from March onwards.

Whiter shade of pale

It has been almost eight months since Apple launched the latest iPhone and promised a white version.

Since then, delay after delay has hit the colour-variant leaving us all wondering how hard it can really be to slap a piece of white plastic on in place of a piece of black.

While we're not inclined to put money on a March release date or anything, it's nice to know there is still light at the end of the black iPhone 4 tunnel.

Via Pocket-Lint