What's on mobile TV today?

There are a number of mobile TV services available in the UK today - all you'll need is a 3G phone

Mobile TV is still an emerging concept. But there are already a number of options if you're interested in watching video on your mobile. Here's our run-down of the best services. All you need to sign up is a 3G-equipped phone such as the Nokia N95, the Sony Ericsson K850i, or the Samsung SGH-U700V.

So what's on 3?

Mobile operator 3 offers a mobile TV package with content split into 18 'channels', priced at £5 per month or 49p per day. The package includes free-to-air content from the BBC and ITV, plus programming from the more niche channels, including Paramount and National Geographic. There's an electronic programme guide (EPG) to guide you to the best stuff, and you can bookmark your favourite shows.

There are also free, video clip-based products that are supported by advertising. Clips from shows such as the X Factor and The Apprentice are free, provided you enter your personal details and receive targeted adverts. This service has so far attracted some 1 million users, Lucy Goodman, head of television partnerships at 3, told us.

"But as popular as the services are, mobile TV is not at the top of our agenda at the moment," Goodman added. "Until decisions have been made on standards and spectrums, our key focus at the moment is on mobile broadband and getting HSDPA access rolled out properly."

And what's on Orange?

Orange offers a range of content on its own mobile TV service. Available for £10 per month, you can keep up with streamed news from ITN, sport from British Eurosport, new music from the likes of Kiss and Kerrang, and general TV shows from Bravo, Channel 4 Mobile, FHM TV among others.

There's also a video clip service with thousands of videos on offer. If you've signed up to the Mix 2, Family or Music packs, you'll receive free videos that update regularly as part of your subscription.

Subscribing to Sky

Sky offers a subscription service offering a mix of live and on-demand content. The works across all platforms, and offers a wide range of content - including sports - from around 30 of its channels. Around 200,000 people currently subscribe to Sky's mobile TV packages.

"Mobile TV is a continuing part of our TV offering, and we'll commission content especially for mobile TV as well as for traditional broadcasts," said Sheila Cassells, head of economic policy at BSkyB. "The crucial thing is that the programming must look just like normal TV, otherwise people won't watch it. People have very high expectations in terms of quality when it comes to mobile TV."

Switching over to T-Mobile

T-Mobile offers a mobile TV service aimed primarily at sports fans. After signing up, you'll be able to watch footage from up to 92 live Barclays Premier league football matches whilst on the move. The services offer a range of news, music and entertainment channels included in four different packages.

T-Mobile TV, featuring mainly news and entertainment content, is available for £1 per day or £3.50 per month. Sky Mobile TV News & Sports, Sky Mobile TV Entertainment, and Sky Mobile TV Music all cost £5 per month.

T-Mobile's mobile TV channels include live and channels specifically made for mobile channels, which include a mix of short episode highlights, full episodes and pre-recorded shows.

Turning on Vodafone

Vodafone has teamed up with Sky to bring live TV direct to your 3G mobile, including programmes aired on Sky One, MTV and Cartoon Network. There's a live stream of Sky News but most channels have been designed specifically for this mobile service.

The service doesn't feature any full-length movies but you'll get previews, movie news and top 10 listings. The service costs £5 per channel pack (three are available), or there's a value pack with all three for £10 per month. The first month is free of charge.

24/7 Football

One of the newest initiatives, 24/7 Football, is a cross-operator subscription service (costing £5 per month) backed by Sky Sports, The Sun and the News of the World.

Your £5 buys you a service where you can often see the goals whilst the match is still underway (not for 3pm Saturday kick-offs though); get highlights from the game after the final whistle; plus previews, roundups and archive footage.