Vodafone unveils its Nokia Lumia 925 plan for the UK

Nokia Lumia 925 is now available for pre-order, exclusively at Vodafone
Landing in the UK imminently

Nokia's forthcoming flagship smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 925, is available to pre-order at Vodafone.

The black 32GB version is exclusively available from the network, but you can buy it in other colours from other retailers.

Alongside this "exclusive", you can pick up the Lumia 925 with a chokingly-long 24-month contract, unlimited calls and texts and a "whopping" 2GB of mobile internet – all for "only" £34 a month.

But, if that price plan is just too cheap for you, then, if it's available in your area, Vodafone will add 4G to your monthly plan – at an extra cost. Cue "NiceGuyVodafone" memes.

Coming to a shop near you

The Lumia 925 will get a UK launch later this month, with the rest of Europe and the world to follow shortly after.

It's flagship year as Nokia goes head-to-head with big boys (Samsung, HTC and Apple) to produce 2013's defining 4G super smartphone.

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