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Nokia Lumia 925 works its way to Vodafone
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It's hardly a brand spanking new handset, but even though the Nokia Lumia 925 may only be an update of the Finnish firm's Lumia 920 handset doesn't mean you should ignore it.

Nokia has embraced the use of metal for its latest flagship handset, although aside from design a lot of the other specs match the phone it's based on with a 4.5-inch 1280 x 768 display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 8.7MP rear camera on show.

But enough about that, let's get down to business and the reason we're all here - the Nokia Lumia 925 release date price.

Some networks and retailers already appear to have stock of the Nokia Lumia 925, while others are still waiting for it to arrive.


Update: Vodafone appears to have the Lumia 925 in stock, offering the metal-clad smartphone for free on two year contracts starting at £34 per month.

It also joins Vodafone's range of "4G-ready" phones - handsets that will be able to make the leap to 4G once Vodafone manages to get its next-gen network up and running.


Three has the Lumia 925 up for pre-order, and it's furnished us with a tentative release date of June 21 - although it does state this is an "estimated delivery date" so it could change.

You can pick the handset up for free on two years contracts, but its lowest offering is a whole £1 more per month than Vodafone's at £35 per month - although you do get unlimited data, which is nice (but only 500 minutes and 5,000 texts).


Update: Having previously stated the Nokia Lumia 925 release date as June 13, O2 has now updated its pre-order page to say "coming soon: June 2013".

You'll need to be willing to fork out £37 per month over two years however if you don't want to stump up any cash upfront, which gets you a measly 1GB of data (plus unlimited texts and calls).


The only major UK network not to throw its weight behind the Nokia Lumia 925 yet is EE, although seeing as the handset is 4G enabled we'd expect the carrier which currently offers the only 4G service in the country to get on board pretty soon.

We're chasing EE for more details on its 4G plans plus details on possible 3G plans on Orange and T-Mobile.

Carphone Warehouse

Update: Carphone Warehouse has the Lumia 925 in stock and as well as pay monthly tariffs it's also offering the handset SIM-free for a lofty £499.95.

When it comes to contracts Carphone is offering the handset on EE, T-Mobile, Orange, O2, Three and Vodafone, with a free handset starting at £30 per month over two years.


Update: Phones4U is still waiting for stock to arrive and it doesn't offer up any indication of when it expects the Lumia 925 in, nor are there any details on tariffs. At least you can register your interest on its website, if you like.

Online Retailers

Update: Expansys has some early stock in of the Nokia Lumia 925, and the SIM-free handset will set you back £499.99, but you'll need to be quick as we're told "stock is limited".

Update: The online retailers are full of Lumia 925 love and Clove had a limited number of handsets which have now sold out, but it expects more to arrive on June 14 - there's a slightly friendly price here as well, with the 925 listed at £480.

Update: Meanwhile over at Unlocked-Mobiles the Nokia Lumia 925 will cost you £464.98, and the site expects the grey version to arrive w/c June 17, while the black model is set to show up w/c June 24.

To find out what we made of the handset, check out our hands-on Nokia Lumia 925 review now.

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