Visa's digital wallet set for nationwide UK rollout in 2013

Visa's digital wallet set for nationwide UK rollout in 2013
Will revolutionise contactless payments in 2013?

Visa has revealed that 80 per cent of its UK customers will have access to its digital wallet, before the end of the year.

The credit card company's contactless payment solution will allow users to pay for goods using their smartphones at a number of their favourite stores, and a full nationwide roll out will take place this year.

Visa said that individual banks will be rolling out digital versions of debit and credit cards throughout the year, starting with NatWest and RBS this spring and with others coming as the year progresses.

Visa is hoping to capitalise on the growth of mobile payments in the UK. They quadrupled in 2012 and Visa expects the amount of transactions to quadruple once again in 2013.

PayPal rival

Visa reckons that there'll be a whopping 33.7m digital payment cards in the UK, which may be used in 175,000 places by the time 2013 comes to a close.

The company also announced that there'll be 80 Visa-certified smartphones on the market by the end of the year.

As well as the incoming digital wallet option, is Visa's answer to PayPal, allowing consumers to pay for goods online, by only entering their credit card and shipping information once.

Can this all-in-one solution give the contactless payment drive the boost it needs to go mainstream this year?

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