Upgrading your iPhone just got easier on another carrier


With the new iPhone to be announced next month, Sprint has introduced a new iPhone Forever plan that will let its customers upgrade your old iPhone whenever there is a new iPhone out at no additional cost.

Of course, while there are no upgrade fees, the plan will start at $22 per month for the handset itself on top of your normal plan costs when you trade in your old iPhone for a new one.

While the offer will let you currently upgrade to a 16GB iPhone 6 for that monthly price, Sprint also has a special promotion right now as well that will drop the monthly handset cost to $15 per month if you upgrade before 31 December 2015.

"We decided how awesome would it be if anytime customers don't have the latest iPhone, they are eligible to upgrade, and have it be as simple as handing us your existing iPhone and picking up a new one – all included in your monthly rate," Sprint's CEO Marcelo Claure said.

Battling carriers

Sprint's iPhone Forever plan isn't limited to current iPhone-toting Sprint customers, with any handset eligible for trade-in for an iPhone 6.

The carrier is also challenging its competitors by offering to pay off "your old phone and contract" if you're in contract with another carrier and want to switch to Sprint.

While it looks like Sprint is taking big steps to lure in new customers and take on other carriers, a month ago, it seems as though it is taking its cues from T-Mobile.

The Uncarrier had also announced a special iPhone plan that would allow customers to upgrade their iPhone for free with $15 monthly handset repayments.

Sprint also followed in T-Mobile's lead in "breaking down barriers" for roaming in Canada and Mexico as well.

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