Samsung packs 8GB into tiny microSD card


Amid the miasma of flash memory cards available today, one of the very smallest is the microSD format. This is a card so tiny that losing one is a far greater concern than how much it can hold.

More importantly, the card is perfect for the modern breed of multimedia mobile phone. So Samsung 's announcement of a new 8GB capacity is welcome news.

It's not only the capacity that has been boosted. The 8GB microSD performs considerably better than is required of the current high-end SDHC Class 4 SD cards (4MB/s). It has a read speed of 16MB/s and a write speed of 6MB/s. Existing microSD cards generally are slower still, coming in at Speed Class 2 (2MB/s).

Samsung reckons the new card is capacious enough for 2,000 MP3 files, 4,000 photos, or five DVD-quality movies. And who are we to argue with the self-proclaimed king of cards, especially when it claims the 8GB microSD will be the most common format by 2010?