Twitter is looking to integrate Commerce with Apple Wallet, enable Vine views on wearables

Adam Bain, Twitter
Adam Bain, Twitter

You may in the future be able to watch Vine's on smart devices in the future, said Adam Bain, President of Revenue and Partnerships at Twitter.

During an interview at CTIA 2014 in las Vegas, Bain revealed several key Twitter aspirations that may or may not be in development.

Although Twitter is not ready to make any announcements, the company is exploring someday enabling video through its mobile app. "What makes Twitter unique is it's live, public and conversational," he said. "Wearables will help make that possible...Wearable devices can help make connections and emotions more dramatic."

Twitter Commerce and Apple Wallet

Bain also said it is likely Twitter Commerce will integrate with Apple Wallet in order to process payments directly within Twitter.

Twitter Commerce launched yesterday with more than 30 merchants. The mobile mechanism features a "buy" button that enables users to save their credit card information within the Twitter app so that they can buy products in a few clicks.

Twitter is hoping to bring TV content directly on Twitter, preceded by pre-roll ads. Bain said the company is currently partnering with TV networks to bring this content onto mobile devices.

The social network launched TV ad targeting in May of last year. The ad tool is "designed to enable marketers to engage directly with people on Twitter who have been exposed to their ads on TV" by synchronizing Twitter ads and TV commercials.

Bain said better data analytics will enable Twitter and TV partners to personalize this ad targeting more effectively.

Twitter is also working with Comcast to show tweets associated with the content you're watching on your TV feed.