Tilt shift photography on Apple iPhone

Tilt shift photography is now possible on the Apple iPhone. Yes, you read correctly. Despite the iPhone's somewhat meagre 2MP camera, some clever sod has developed an app which brings tilt shift to the iPhone without the need for a special lens.

Tilt shift is used to make photos of buildings and crowds look more like small models, and it has become a bit of a craze in recent times.

The technique was once used exclusively by architects, but with every man and his dog now owning a digital camera, a fad has been created.

Tilt shift on the iPhone

Photographers achieve this 'miniature' effect by tilting a camera's lens relative to the image plane, incorporating a larger-than-normal aperture to capture a very shallow depth of field.

The practical upshot of this is that you can take a picture of Big Ben and it'll look more like a Lego model than a 200ft-tall bell tower.

Normally to achieve this effect on a 'proper' camera, you need a tilt shift lens. But theTiltShift app by Michael Krause achieves the same effect on the iPhone by using some clever software trickery.

Of course, any photographer worth his salt would never dream of using the iPhone for this kind of task. But as a novelty app, it could prove to be quite popular among casual snappers.

It's available on iTunes for £1.19 - a bargain when you consider that most tilt shift lenses cost close to £1000.

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