The Rock's alarm app hits your morning routine like a steel chair

The Rock made an app to get you out of bed

Dwayne Johnson may be busy with movies, TV shows and the odd Wrestlemania 32 appearance, but man otherwise known as The Rock is making time to be your personal wake-up call and motivator.

Meet The Rock Clock, the wrestler/actor's new free app for iOS and Android. Part of Project Rock's line of motivational products, The Rock Clock comes with 25 custom alarms aimed at getting your candy ass out of bed.

And yes, he even sings on some of them. It's not as scary as the chainsaw sounds, trust me.

The app does more than wake you up. Each day, a recorded message comes straight down from The People's Champion to your phone, granting users that extra dose of hustle to seize the day.

"Hustle" is the key theme here. In line with The Great One's goal to gettin' up and at 'em, The Rock Clock doesn't come with a snooze function. According to the app's description, "The Rock is not a fan of that button."

"We created and designed this app so you guys around the world could get after your goals and achieve that greatness in a comprehensive, focused, and above all else, fun way," explains Johnson in his first motivational missive.

For the especially bold, the app also offers Rock Time, which syncs up your alarm to Johnson's. Tread carefully if you do: he wakes up at an electrifying 4:15am every day, and there's no snooze button to tag you out.

Top image credit: Simon Q/Wikimedia

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