Tesco to kick out rivals and only sell contracts on its own network

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Tesco has confirmed to TechRadar that it will soon start phasing out pay monthly contracts from other mobile networks.

The Tesco Phone shop will eventually stop selling contracts on all networks but its own, in a move to streamline its phone business.

The information was originally sent to us from a leaked internal memo, informing employees of its aim to focus its energy on growing its own Tesco Mobile network, which uses O2's infrastructure.

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Tesco will enter a transition period, set to last a few months, after which you'll only be able to purchase a pay monthly contract on Tesco Mobile.

A Tesco spokesperson told us: "While there is no immediate change to our store's telecoms retailing, we will over a period of time phase out the availability of pay monthly contracts on other mobile brands to focus on our award-winning own brand mobile network, Tesco Mobile and other key areas of our Telecoms business.

"We have taken this strategic decision to focus on the areas of our business that appeal most to our customers, where we can provide them with the best possible service and value."

However, Tesco remains committed to its network partners for the sake of its pay as you go deals, which - it sounds like - will continue.

Hugh Langley

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