Sony Xperia Z1: where can I get it?

Sony Xperia Z1: where can I get it?
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Sony has debuted its 20.7MP camera-toting, 5-inch, Android-running Xperia Z1 and it's brimming over with tech.

Sure, it's got a bit of heft to it (OK, a lot of heft to it) but that screen is mighty impressive and it comes rocking a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor.

So when and where can you get your mitts on one? It's expected to launch in Europe before September 2013 is over, and here are the places you can get it.


They're big 4G fans over at EE so it's no surprise that the network was first out of the gates with its intention to offer the 4G-friendly Xperia Z1.

You can pre-order the handset from EE today in black or white, on EE's 4G network on a range of price plans - you can get the handset for £29.99 on a £41/month 24-month plan.

As an added extra, anyone pre-ordering direct from EE will also get the Sony Smartwatch 2 thrown in for free.

Orange / T-Mobile

You can also get the Xperia Z1 on Orange or T-Mobile plans: it is £37 a month on a 24 month Orange or T-Mobile plan (with an upfront cost of £49.99 on Orange and £69.99 on T-Mobile).


If you pre-order the Z1 from Three you don't get a smartwatch. Sorry. But you do get a free Sony wireless headset worth £99. So there is that.

Pre-orders open on September 5 - the handset will set you back £99 on carious 24-month contracts. Alternatively, you can shell out £549.99 for a PAYG handset.

Phones 4 U

If you pre-order the Xperia Z1 from Phones 4U, you can also get the Smartwatch 2 for free, or nab £200 off a Sony Xperia Tab.

The new Sony Xperia Z1 will be available for upgrades and new contracts on both 3G and 4G tariffs at the phone retailer. The handset is free on a £42 a month across a range of networks, and will be in store and online from the end of September 2013.

Thinking of picking up a Sony Xperia Z1? Check out our hands-on review for our official verdict:

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