Overnight news roundup: 1-2 November

Mac 2008 for Office could be yours for free if you buy Office 2004 for Mac now

In a move that is sure to bring even more cash to the Microsoft coffers, the company has announced that anyone who buys its Office 2004 for Mac software will be able to upgrade to Office 2008 free of charge.

According to Microsoft, the new offer will extend through to 14 January 2008 and could save you some cash if you plan on purchasing the new version of Office on the Mac when it's released next year.

Microsoft says it will charge customers just for shipping the software to their homes. That said, you won't be able to choose which version of Office you'd like. Those buying Office 2004 for Mac Standard Edition, Standard Edition Upgrade or Student and Teacher edition will receive Office 2008 for Mac Special Media Edition.

Called a 'Super Suite Deal' by Microsoft, the Special Media Edition features the same Office programs we have all come to expect from the company, but adds the Microsoft Expression Media digital asset management system.

This deal is currently available only in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, but there is some indication that it will go worldwide soon.

Apple frowning on websites using iPhone name

Although the iPhone has been available in the United States for months and will soon hit shelves in Europe, Apple has only just got round to filing lawsuits against those websites using the word, 'iPhone'. According to reports, owners of such sites have received letters from Apple lawyers ordering them to change the name.

Carphone expects 10,000 iPhone sales on first day

According to a Carphone Warehouse executive, the UK's largest independent mobile phone retailer expects to sell 10,000 iPhones on the first day of its release. The iPhone will go on sale at 6pm next Friday, and Carphone Warehouse will stay open an additional four hours to welcome the unprecedented number of patrons.

Apple is preparing iTunes 7.5 for a November release, sources have learned. According to reports, the new iTunes update will be comprised of a host of minor updates, but is not expected to yield any major feature upgrades.