September iPhone 5 launch date becomes ever more likely

iPhone 5 launch date becomes ever more likely
Clear your diaries folks, this could be it

The possibility of Apple launching the iPhone 5 on September 12 is becoming ever more likely, as numerous sources confirm the date.

We heard yesterday that an unknown source had claimed the Cupertino-based firm was to hold an event on September 12, and now Reuters has had confirmation from its own source "familiar with the plan".

On top of this, AllThingsD cites its own contacts, which claim Apple is planning an event for the week of September 9, with Wednesday (12) the most likely day for a new iPhone announcement.

Date may shift

Reuters notes that its source did say that the September 12 date could shift – suggesting Apple may just be testing the water with this tentative date, as it waits to see what its rivals announce at IFA 2012.

It's thought that Apple may also spring a surprise at the same event, and unveil the iPad Mini alongside the iPhone 5 – and possibly a new range of iPods too.

While a sixth-generation of iPhone is certainly on the cards for arrival sometime in the next few months, the iPad Mini is far from a nailed on, with just a raft of rumours to go on and no hint from Apple that it may be considering a smaller tablet.

However, if the September 12 date turns out to be accurate it means we've got just over a month to wait until the next over-hyped, fanboy-packed Apple event where all our questions will be answered.

From Reuters and AllThingsD

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