Search for a job as you'd search for a date with Tinder-style Weave app

Search for a job like you'd search for a date with Tinder-style Weave app"
Weave: Where swiping could get you a job, rather than in trouble

The Tinder app has unquestionably revolutionised the concept of online dating with its swipe-to-like interface. However, if you're a more career-focused smartphone user you may want to check out Weave.

The new iOS and Android app for professionals allows users to log in through their LinkedIn accounts and see a list of nearby people who're willing to meet up for face-to-face networking meetings.

When users encounter a profile, they simply swipe 'yes' or 'no' to register interest; just like Tinder. Swiping right for yes will enable the chat portion of the app where meetings can be arranged.

According to the makers of Weave, 100 people are day are already meeting through the application, which launched in January for iOS and a month later for Android.

Location, Location, Location

The idea behind the app is that people seeing people are close enough by for a coffee meeting will improve the chances they'll meet up rather than just exchange emails as they may do through LinkedIn.

"There still hasn't been a way to replicate … coffee meetings online," Weave founder and CEO Brian Ma told VentureBeat. "Location is a key factor in people meeting in-person."

The more people use the app the more they'll show up in other people's feeds, the founder says.

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