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Screw secrecy: HTC drops biggest One Max hint yet

HTC One Max set to complete firm's three amigos
One, two, three

HTC is certainly planning something as it takes us on a journey through great trios in history and playfully adding that a new trio is "about to be completed" - to which we say, HTC One Max!

We saw the HTC One launched earlier this year, and this was followed a couple of months later by the HTC One Mini giving the Taiwanese firm a tasty looking double act, but its now teasing us with a third.

While the lengthy infographic drawn up by HTC doesn't specially mention the One Max, or even that it's subtly referencing a phone, going by the numerous leaks surrounding the handset it's pretty easy to piece this puzzle together.

Three's a crowd

Hopefully we'll find out next week if the One Max exists, as rumours point towards a launch event on either October 15 or October 17.

The One Max will apparently rock up with a huge 5.9-inch full HD, quad-core processor, Ultrapixel camera and similar stylings to the HTC One. There might even be a fingerprint scanner on the back - will it have Apple quaking in its stylishly overpriced boots?

This isn't the first time HTC has pulled a stunt like this - it released an infographic ahead of the launch of the One Mini of "little things that made a big impact," so all eyes are firmly on next week.