Samsung reveals stylish swivel-action mobile

UK mobile users will soon be able to get their hands on the latest, beefed up version of Samsung's stylish swivel-action music mobile.

The Samsung SGH-F210, lined up for release in October, is the upgraded follow up to the Samsung SGH-X830 and incorporates the same unusual twist-open design. Like the X820, the F210 still has1GB of internal memory storage but now adds MicroSD memory card support. Samsung has added an FM radio to the spec too, while the camera has also been improved - it's now a 2-megapixel shooter.

The tri-band GPRS SGH-F210 uses an external iPod-alike dial-control on the outside, so users can spin through music tracks when the swivel-action phone is closed. A full set of music player options are available, and a neck cord is provided with the earphones, to make it easy to use when out jogging.

The keypad of the F210, which comes into play when the phone is swiveled open, has been given an overhaul.

It departs from the unusual (and text-unfriendly) 2-key per line keyboard layout of the X830 to go for a standard looking narrow but surprisingly easy to use 3 x 4 keypad. A Samsung spokesperson confirmed to that the change had been made after feedback from owners of the X830.

Video recording and playback

The Samsung SGH-F210 supports all the regular functions the X820 had, including video recording and playback, although the display is still a similar narrow format to the original too. The F210 will be on sale on all major UK networks from October, and will be available in almost-black dark blue. Prices are yet to be confirmed although it's expected to start from free on some contract deals.