Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is not a cheap phone, but prices have already begun to drop. You can now pick up the 32GB model for less than £400 (US$550) SIM-free - which is a huge drop over the original price.

If you're tempted by the curvaceous Galaxy S6 Edge then you'll need to shell out more - and all you're getting is a sexier screen.

While the original Galaxy S6 price made it a little tough to swallow, the massively reduced rate moves it much closer to the going rate for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5

At the time of writing you can pick up a 16GB SIM-free model for less than £300 (US$400). There's not a huge amount between these two then, and considering the additional features and improved design of the Galaxy S6 it's worth paying the difference at these prices.

As it's nearing the two year anniversary of the Galaxy S5 launch, it can be quite difficult to find contracts for the Galaxy S5. Here in the UK only one of the major networks is offering the phone now and it seems to be a similar affair in the US as well.

It's worth bearing in mind that the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are expected to launch by the end of February 2016 and will likely offer a higher spec than both of these phones. Even if you're happy with what the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S5 offer, it will mean the price of both will likely drop down even lower.


Samsung has undoubtedly taken massive strides forward with the Samsung Galaxy S6 this year, but its superiority over the Samsung Galaxy S5 isn't absolute. For some people, the Galaxy S5 will remain the better choice.

The biggest difference here is in the design of the two phones, and the Galaxy S6 feels like it's in an entirely different league to its immediate predecessor. The Galaxy S5 looked and felt dated 12 months ago, and time hasn't done anything to change those first impressions.

It's nearing the two year mark since Samsung released this phone and if it's something you're looking to get now, imagine how dated it will be in two years time.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5

However, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is much more suited to those with an active lifestyle, its rugged plastic body and IP67 rating ensuring it can take the knocks and splashes that the Galaxy S6 simply cannot. Indeed, the Samsung Galaxy S5's superior battery life and replaceable power unit make it the more practical choice for those who aren't frequently within reach of a wall socket, too.

The S6's QHD display isn't quite the huge difference maker you might expect it to be either. However, its greater brightness and more accurate colours make it the better choice as a media player, as well as for heavy web usage.

If mobile photography is your thing, the Galaxy S5 holds its own in the wider smartphone market. But the Galaxy S6 camera is arguably the best there is, whether you like to compose your own shots or just fire and forget.

Of course, all of this means nothing if you're on any kind of a budget. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expensive, but recent price drops mean it's a lot closer to the lower priced Galaxy S5 making it a more attractive proposition.

For those who want a well-priced, highly capable and robust phone, and who remain unmoved by the prevailing metal and glass design trends of the current high-end crowd, the Galaxy S5 remains a fine choice. But if you can stretch that extra bit, the Galaxy S6 is the clear – if not entirely uncontested – winner.