Samsung Galaxy S2 wins Phone of the Year award

iPhone 4
iPhone 4 - big winner in the business phone category

The TechRadar Phone Awards have come to a close, with Samsung nabbing the Phone of the Year award for the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Samsung's flagship offering managed to win the overall award even though it has only been out for a short time, but the Apple iPhone 4 took the gold in one of the major categories: Best Phone for Business.

This is something of a sea change for the mobile phone market, pipping the likes of RIM, with the BlackBerry 9780, from the winner's spot.

Another big winner in the awards was Android, which managed to bag the Best OS category - with eight of the nine judges voting for the Google's mobile phone operating system.

The judges of the TechRadar Awards this year comprised tech experts from TechRadar, MSN, T3, Gizmodo, Sky News, uSwitch, Silicon and the Telegraph.


As well as a number of judged categories, TechRadar also asked its readers what they felt was – among other categories – the best app, game and phone network.

More than 131,000 votes later and Angry Birds has been voted the best game on any platform and Google Maps Navigation the best app, while Vodafone narrowly nudged past to O2 to win the Best Network award.

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Marc Chacksfield

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