Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 6S Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 6S Plus: battery

The battery is another area in which the Galaxy Note 7 really dwarves the iPhone 6S Plus. While the iPhone offers a 2,750 mAh battery, the Galaxy Note 7 takes things to the next level with a hefty 3,500mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 6S Plus

Coupled with the OLED display, the Galaxy Note 7 really should last much longer than the iPhone -- which isn't all that surprising considering the fact that the iPhone has long been criticized for its lack of battery life. It seems like that criticism is only going to continue, at least until the next iPhone lineup is revealed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 6S Plus: camera

Let's be honest – the iPhone camera isn't the most amazing on paper, but in practice it's a hard one to beat. It's very straightforward and easy to use. Still, Samsung has really been proving itself in the camera department of late. The Galaxy S7 got fantastic reviews for its camera, and for good reason.

The Galaxy Note 7 features the same camera as the S7, boasting a 12MP rear-facing camera with optical image stabilization and an f/1.7 aperture, which should let in plenty of light for low-light situations. The iPhone 6S Plus camera also has a 12MP sensor, however the smaller f/2.2 aperture doesn't always perform as well in low-light situations.

When it comes to the front-facing shooter, the Note 7 offers a 5MP sensor with the same f/1.7 aperture, while the iPhone offers a 5MP sensor with the same f/2.2 aperture. On paper, the Galaxy wins, however we would recommend comparing actual photos if possible.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 6S Plus: input methods

Both the iPhone and the Note 7 offer some pretty unique input methods which, while totally different, could seriously augment use of the devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 6S Plus

The iPhone, for example, makes use of Apple's new 3D Touch technology – press down on the screen and you'll get access to more controls, especially through things like home screen icons.

Samsung has taken a more conventional approach with the S Pen, a stylus that, when coupled with the software on the phone, can convert handwriting to text, among other things. In our testing of the S Pen, we found the screen off memos to be super helpful. Some of the other features, such as the magnifying glass and underwater S Pen capabilities are interesting additions, but seem more gimmicky than useful.

Obviously there's no real winner here – it's entirely a matter of opinion.

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