Samsung bringing Apple-mocking ads to Australia

Samsung Galaxy S3
Will mocking iPhone users work for Samsung?

The launch marketing for the Samsung Galaxy S3 was a little mild in Australia. Fortunately, the Korean company has decided to spice things up by bringing its iPhone 5-mocking ads to Australia.

The ads, which have successfully run in the US, poke fun at people waiting in line for an unnamed handset while SGSIII users happily enjoy the features of the Android smartphone.

In one scene, a customer waiting in line using an SGSIII, claims to be holding a spot for someone rather than queueing himself. Later, it's revealed that he's holding the place for his parents.

The Australian warzone

The decision to air the ads in Australia is the latest strike in the Korean giant's battle with Cupertino. Back in August, it opened Australia's first Samsung Experience store in Sydney, literally just down the road from Apple's flagship store.

More recently, Samsung launched a 4G version of its iconic SGSIII on both the Optus and Telstra 4G networks.

These developments followed the two companies' high profile legal battle over the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which was initially blocked from sale in Australia last year before being overturned before Christmas.

The two companies are still in legal gridlock though, with the current hearing in the Australian Federal Court expected to last until May next year.

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