RIM CEO: We have let many of you down

RIM CEO: We have let many of you down
BlackBerry customers get an apology

The co-CEO of RIM, Mike Lazaridis, has made an impassioned video apology following the recent blackout of connected BlackBerry services, acknowledging that the company has let many of its customers down.

In the video, posted on the Official BlackBerry Channel on YouTube, Lazaridis said: "You expect better from us and I expect better for us. It is too soon to say that this issue is fully resolved but let me give you more detail on what is happening.

"We are now approaching normal BlackBerry service levels in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

"We continue to monitor the system closely and working hard to stabilise the system. We expect to see some instability problems as the system comes back to normal levels everywhere."

Full recovery

Hinting at the poor response customers have had from RIM about the BlackBerry blackout, Lazaridis noted: "We know you want to hear more from us and we are working to update you more frequently through our websites and social media channels."

Lazaridis also explained that he cannot say when a full recovery of BBM services will happen but did say: "I know this is very frustrating. We are doing everything in our power to restore regular service levels and are working tirelessly to restore your trust in us."

This is now the third day of the BlackBerry blackout, which has affected millions – it will be interesting to see what kind of compensation package is put in place by RIM to "restore trust".

Check out the full video below:

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