Nokia reveals E52 with 8 hours' talk time

Nokia's latest business-angled phone hits the mix
Nokia's latest business-angled phone hits the mix

Nokia has extended its E-Series range with its slimmest offering yet - the E52, featuring a tongue-breaking eight hours of talk time.

Coming in at just 9.9mm deep, the E52 is the candy-bar version of the much loved E75, and sports aGPS, an internal compass and a 3.2MP camera for good measure, with a flash and noise cancellation for improved call quality.

It will also last for a whopping 29 days if you don't touch it and leave it on standby, which is more than enough should you find yourself washed up on a desert island somewhere (and the phone has inexplicably survived water damage).

Not only that, but it's sporting a whole heap of worky-type features to help you please the boss on high. It has mobile VPN for navigating the labyrinth of the company intranet, Mail for Exchange as well as POP and IMAP support and HSDPA connectivity so you've always got a whizz-bang fast connection.

Geek steam

There's the obvious Wi-Fi thrown in there for good measure, as well as social networking links and Bluetooth A2DP stereo connectivity to let you blow off a little (very geeky) steam.

Here's Nokia's chat about their newest arrival: "The Nokia E52 will ship with a 1GB microSD card and a free 60 day trial for Files on Ovi. It'll be available in two colours, metal grey and golden aluminium which will help show off the 2.4-inch display (which also has automatic landscape support)."

We don't know how golden aluminium (surely that's just gold if we're talking colours?) helps show off a screen any better... if it's a nice colour then it would distract if anything.

We're excited at having a hands-on with this device soon, as it's a culmination of a lot of high end features in a single, very slim handset, all at a very affordable €245 (£215) before tax and subsidies. It'll be available from around Q3 apparently, so get your business suits at the ready.

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